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Cedar Rapids Newsleaders

Videos for July 2015

Steven Dust
Greater Cedar Valley Alliance and Chamber
Steven Dust discusses various business, housing, and other construction projects being added to the Waterloo and Cedar Falls area, as well as other developments that the cities have to be proud of.
Robert Neymeyer
Grout Museum
Robert Neymeyer describes the new exhibit at the Grout Museum commemorating the service of Iowans in Vietnam. He also discusses the accompanying parade, which offers the veterans a belated, celebratory "welcome home".
Christopher Charley
Waterloo Fire and Rescue
Christopher Charley discusses the recruitment program for the Waterloo Fire Department. He describes the different training courses and drills provided to teach recruits how to fight fires, rescue citizens, and provide medical assistance.
Brody Willett
Brody Willett Racing
Brody Willett talks about being a race car driver for Hawkeye Downs and other venues. He discusses how his experiences are standard for a race car driver but unique for a thirteen-year-old.
Crystal Buzza
Waterloo Schools
Crystal Buzza discusses how technical education is important for high schoolers to get hands-on experience and get started on a career path. She talks about how training people early benefits them and the Iowa workforce as a whole.
Dr. Jane Lindaman
Waterloo Schools
Dr. Jane Lindaman discusses education reform and how Waterloo schools hope to implement technical education. She mentions how important the upcoming bond vote is to the initiative and how people can become informed before it happens.
Whitney Jackley
Boy Scouts of America
Whitney Jackley discusses Camp Winnebago and the many different programs offered for members of the Boy Scouts of America. She also lists a number of activities and facilities available to the general public.
Katie Orlando
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Iowa
Katie Orlando discusses the need for new mentors of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Iowa, listing all of the benefits that come from being a part of the organization and what kids get out of having a mentor.
Chris Hofeldt
Alzheimer's Association
Chris Hofeldt gives basic information about Alzheimer's and the importance of awareness. He discusses the services offered by the Alzheimer's Association and how you can help via donations, volunteering, and participating in the upcoming charity walk.
Megan Thompson
Boys and Girls Club of the Cedar Valley
Megan Thompson discusses the Boys and Girls Club of the Cedar Valley. She describes the variety of recreational and educational programs offered for children and how parents can sign up for them or find more information.
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