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Cedar Rapids Newsleaders

Videos for September 2014

Karl Cassell
Horizons A Family Service Alliance
Karl Cassell Horizons, A Family Service Alliance talks about the importance of meals on wheels for the community.
Cristy Hamblin
Cedar Rapids Police Dept.
Cristy Hamblin, Sargent for The Cedar Rapids Police Dept. talks about responsible gun ownership.
Jeff Capps
Cedar Valley Habitat for Humanity
Jeff Capps Executive Director Cedar Valley Habitat for Humanity shares with us their successes over the summer, their store that is now open till 6 on week days and the upcoming give away promotion.
Leslie Charipar
Theatre Cedar Rapids
Leslie Charipar, Artistic Director at Theater Cedar Rapids tells us about their upcoming production of “Into the Woods” and how to get tickets.
Joe Sheller
Mt. Mercy University
Joe Sheller, Associate Professor of Communications, Mt. Mercy University talks about upcoming events to mark the 100 year anniversary of the start of WWI.
Elisabeth Kissling
Foundation 2
Elisabeth Kissling Development and Marketing Director Foundation 2 shares information about suicide prevention.
Jack Evans
United Way of East Central Iowa
Jack Evans 2014 Campaign Chair for United Way of East Central Iowa tells us how to contribute and how the funds are used.
Thomas Moore
African American Museum of Iowa
Thomas Moore, Director of The African American Museum of Iowa elaborates on their upcoming gala honoring 4 people from the community who have made an impact, the benefits of the fundraiser and the fun exhibits.
Jennifer Pickar
Cedar Rapids Area Convention & Visitors Bureau
Jennifer Pickar, Director of Communications for The Cedar Rapids Area Convention & Visitors Bureau 2nd annual Cedar Rapids Restaurant Week Sept 18-27th, some of the restaurants that are involved and the importance of supporting local dining.
Lonnie Viner
Cedar Valley Humane Society
Lonnie Viner, Executive Director of The Cedar Valley Humane Society explains their 30K in 30 Days Challenge, their hope to partner with local businesses and the First Giving Page.
Laura Bandfield
The Iowa Children's Museum
Laura Bandfield Director of Marketing for The Iowa Children's Museum shares with us the ever changing new exhibits, their new fundraiser and their mission “The Power of Play”.
Greg Buelow
Public Safety Communications
Greg Buelow
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