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Springfield Newsleaders

Videos for April 2015

Larry Peterson
Habitat for Humanity
Larry Peterson informs viewers about Habitat for Humanity's newest build and how you can get involved.
Dr. Matthew Stinson
Jordan Valley Community Health Center
Dr. Matthew Stinson talks about Jordan Valley Community Health Center's new "Express Care Clinic".
Donnie Curran
Republic Tigers Lacrosse Club
Donnie Curran informs viewers about the growing popularity of lacrosse in the local sports scene.
Chris Whitehead
Boys & Girls Club
Chris Whitehead and Don West talk about the Boys & Girls Club's upcoming "Steak & Steak Dinner".
Cara Erwin
Springfield Fire Department
Don West talks with Cara Erwin about the importance of smoke alarms- especially in rental properties.
Kathleen O'Dell
Springfield-Greene County Libraries
Kathleen O'Dell talks with Don West about the Library's upcoming book sale.
Brett Sheets
Rock N Ribs
Brett Sheets gives viewers an overview of the upcoming Rock N Ribs event.
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