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Springfield Newsleaders

Videos for November 2014

Anne-Mary McGrath
Springfield-Greene County Park Board
Don West and Anne-Mary McGrath talk about this year's Turkey Trot 5K.
Charlotte McCoy
Discovery Center
Charlotte McCoy gives viewers a preview of what is coming up at the Discovery Center.
Diane Rozier
Cox Health Networks
Diane Rozier informs viewers of how they can get help signing up for health insurance.
Cindy Tull
Jordan Valley Community Health Center
Don West and Cindy Tull talk about how you can protect yourself and your family this flu season.
Chris Pilgrim
Chris Pilgrim and Don West talk about what you can do to help save lives in the Ozarks.
Kathleen O'Dell
Springfield-Greene County Libraries
Kathleen O'Dell talks with Don West about some special visitors that are coming to the libraries.
Cora Scott
City of Springfield
Cora Scott gives viewers all the details about how the city is kicking off the holiday season.
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